Rock Climbing Anchor Course

This intermediate course provides an in-depth look at building solid artificial and natural anchors in a safe and efficient manner.  This is a very in depth anchor building course and will cover everything from ground anchors, 2 bolt, 3 piece, natural and monolithic anchors and different options of construction and materials.


This is a full day class and will last between 6 and 8 hours.  Be prepared to be outside all day with a 30 minute break for lunch (lunch is not provided).



Please email us if you have any questions -

Some topics that will be covered include:

  • Rock and Natural feature assesment

  • Equipment selection, and correct application

  • creating quality load-sharing anchors

  • creating anchors using natural and artificial components

  • single pitch anchor construction and evaluation

  • fixed gear evaluation: bolts, pitons, slings, stopper etc..

  • a detailed look at artificial gear placements

  • climbing equipment construction, properties, limitations, and proper uses

  • common myths and legends about climbing equipment

  • equipment testing

  • multiplication of forces vectors, pulley systems, cantilevering, leverage, shock loading 

Rock Climbing Anchor Course

1 Person $225

2 ppl $195/each $390

3 ppl $175/each $525

4 ppl $155/each $620